Bioshock 2 video game and what it says about the future

Posted on March 8, 2010 by

bioshock-two1_1552802cI am a video game lover. Not an addict-yet, a lover. For those who have seen SHUTTER ISLAND the world inside my head is like that inside the head of Leonardo DiCaprio. Worth seeing. I dream of games which will, by their sheer brilliance and capacity to understand societal dilemmas, lift us from our downward spiral. Instead, we get more shooter games. Bioshock creators have the ability to do more–their concepts are so unique and interesting. An underwater city where brilliant scientific minds are allowed to flourish. An advanced utopian creation gone awry. So we must shoot and kill. Here’s what I think. The video game population will unite and demand more…something greater than a blast em sock em immersion, because there is more for them–something far deeper and a capacity to unify the 100 million users world wide towards greater goals. A great convergence of brain power as the world as never seen. Players of Bioshock unite. take back the night. VIDEO GAME DEVELOPERS–CONSIDER THE AWSOME POTENTIAL YOU HAVE AND THE HUMAN RESOURCES TO MAKE REAL CHANGE IN THE WORLD. LOOK AHEAD. HOW LONG DO YOU THINK IT WILL BE BEFORE YOUR SHOOTER FORMATS ARE REJECTED?

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