Law Firm Reports Being Hacked From China

Posted on January 19, 2010 by

skull_and_bones_0154A Los Angeles based law firm representing a U.S. company in a $2.2 billion law suit again the Chinese government and some global computer companies, said it has suffered cyber attacks coming from China. Gibson Hoffman & Pandone said the hack could be in retaliation for its historic intellectual property law suit against China on behalf of Cybersitter alleging that China’s Green Dam developers illegally copied code from Cybersitter’s software. The FBI is investigating. Concerns about the levels of hacking against U.S. companies from foreign sources continues to grow as cyber security experts are met with increasing levels of sophistication by hackers (see story on attack on Google in this section). To the extent that the hackers can be identified and traced to governments or companies, international lawsuits are expected to ensue.

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