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phonemobileThere is one invention concerning mobile devices that I’d like to see advanced next year, for the safety of the American public and my sanity. I would estimate that over half of the drivers in America text while driving. This estimate is entirely anecdotal, based on my own observation of accidents, near misses and crazy driving during texting/emailing. It drives me insane (excuse the pun).  I realize that the temptation to do so is enormous, given the pace of business and the obsession to stay connected , but the fact of doing it is aburd. I can’t really understand why a device has not been developed to allow a person to respond to an email via voice recognition. I envision it working this way. An email comes in and a voice says to you, “you have an email from Donald Cramer, would you like to respond to it?” “Yes,” you say. “Ok. Donald says, ‘hi. Can we meet at at 2 today?'”
“Sure Donald,” you respond and the device translates this and types a response to Donald via email. Now it is my understanding that technology such as this already exists on the shelf. If it does, not only should this device be embraced, the government should create a tax credit for individuals to use it, as it might prevent people from texting while driving, a phenominon which I am sure is costing thousands of lives and even more injuries now. So all of you inventors and techies, please help to launch this product. I thank you in advance. Jeff

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