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castlevania-film-poster-300x300I know, I know. I posted a blog this very morning mentioning Ray Bradbury’s The Veldt suggesting that video games and films will merge sooner or later, creating this amazing interactive experience with almost any movie star who ever existed. Well, maybe I was a bit premature. You see, I posted a discussion on the topic on a game developer chatroom in Linkedin and the responses were cogent to the point they revealed my own obvious ignorance of some pretty basic video game versus film concepts, including the totally different approaches to story telling found in video games and films. Most games are done totally in the first person, as was pointed out by developer James Ball. The player is the character, so the narrative is, well, first person. So how could you fit this into the third person ineractions in a movie? There is a fellow names Anthony Burch a/k/a/ Rev Rant who really knows this stuff and has some great thoughts on the concepts including how difficult it is for a gamer to develop emotional attachments to anyone else in the games as opposed to film characters. Check his amazing rants at The same guy says a lot more about videogames in other rants including one I posted on this site about how video games ought to be more than JUST fun. A worthwhile person to listen to. Well its time for a new video game film model to prove them all wrong. Jeff

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