2012 film review

Posted on November 27, 2009 by

2012 2012, the apocalyptic tome now on screen is, as it would be expected, strong on visuals and sound effects, grossly weak on plot, devoid of characterization and repleat with the worst dialogue ever concocted. I tried mightily to suspend my disbelief but was successful for about 30 minutes out of the nearly three hours of the film.  What disturbed me the most was that the film dragged and dragged, lacking any significant editing. The creators just could not let go of what they shot and as such the film suffered and and did not  flow. In places, some real science was thrown in, including a reversal of the magnetic field of the earth. This is an established and  interesting phenominon which will occur at some point. I have a neighbor who teaches at Harvard who is one of the world’s experts on this and I plan on cornering him on the details for a separate blog for this site. I think the film could have done more to explain the basic science of what was actually destroying the world. I am convinced that there is a way to handle apocalyptic films in a fashion that will entertain, enlighten and  entice. On the Beach was just such a film. Next week: THE ROAD.

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