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virtualroomThe video game industry, which is exceeding all expectations in profits and loyal customers is evolving and changing quickly. Over the next 5-10 years video gamers will demand more involvement and feel inside virtual realities in order to become more a part of the game. This will help to merge gaming with the film industry where multi-player teams become part of the movie plots competing against other teams world-wide. The social networking implications of these changes will mean that video games will become a new platform for making connections in business and personal lives and groups of games or “guilds” are expected to develop which will have an effect on our culture and real social changes. While graphics will continue to develop, plots and strategies will come to dominate in terms of importance where single and double shooter games will be perceived as overly simplistic and analytical and tactical challenges, combined with virtual reality will attract games thirsty for evolution. PC games are on the rise but the companies that will dominate are those that embrace these demands quickly as millions of gamers are watching closely.

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